More Than Bike Lanes

Bike Quinte is a cycling advocacy group that aims to encourage the community of Quinte West to value cycling as an affordable, healthy, and sustainable mode of transportation. As fellow residents of Quinte West, we see potential for growth in cycling in the city and want to shape development to ensure that safe and efficient cycling routes are available to all. Bike Quinte is committed to working with citizens, businesses, and the city of Quinte West to enhance our local community through cycling.


Popularize cycling as a mode of transportation.

Bicycling is often seen as a form of exercise or a pastime and not as a viable mode of transportation. The communities that make up Quinte West are small, so running errands and commuting to work by bike within those communities is not appreciably slower than making those same trips by car.

Integrate cycling into the local and regional transportation network.

For cycling to be a part of the transportation network we need to purposefully establish safe, interconnected cycling routes and ensure that active transportation is considered as an integral part of city planning.

Create safe and confident riders through cycling education.

Raising awareness of the roles and responsibilities of all road users creates a safer environment for everyone.

Foster a community that values active transportation.

Active transportation enhances communities in a number of ways. Active communities have healthier citizens, less automotive congestion, better air quality, and more vibrant city centres.